terça-feira, novembro 11, 2003

É ou não é para amar este homem?...

Estou ainda em estado de graça, sob os efeitos do novo cd do Sting (Sacred Love) que ouvi ontem. Compro o cd como quem compra um livro de poesias. As letras são sempre ótimas. Algumas me tocam mais, deste cd, consegui neste primeiro contato, separar os versos:

Shut out the world behind us
Put on your long black dress
No one's ever gonna find us here
Just leave your hair in a mess
I've been searching long enough
I begged the moon and the stars above
For sacred love

I've been up, I've been down
I've been lonesome, in this godless town
You're my religion, you're my church
You're the holy grail at the end of the search
Have I been down on my knees for long enough?
I've been searching the planet to find
Sacred love
(...)" (da música Sacred Love)

"Let me watch by the fire and remember my days
And it may be a trick of the firelight
But the flickering pages that trouble my sight
Is a book I'm afraid to write


There's a chapter on fathers a chapter on sons
There are pages of conflicts that nobody won
And the battles you lost and your bitter defeat,
There's a page where we fail to meet

There are tales of good fortune that couldn't be planned
There's a chapter on God that I don't understand
There's a promise of Heaven and Hell but I'm damned if I see

Though the pages are numbered
I can't see where they lead
For the end is a mystery no-one can read
In the book of my life

Now the daylight's returning
And if one sentence is true
All these pages are burning
And all that's left is you

(...)" (da música The Book of My Life)

PS: Ahh! se ele me escreve algo assim.....au-au!

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