terça-feira, março 21, 2006

Recordar é viver...

Desde ontem quando ouvi um colega aqui cantando isso, fiquei com a danada da música na cabeça. É uma música antiga, que quase não toca nas rádios (talvez na JB FM), mas eu gosto muito.

I hear you now (Vangelis)

After the first embrace from you my senses knew
The look of love was in your eyes
And after we first make love our senses tingle to
The touch oh how we hypnotize

Oh, to get the feeling on and on
Oh, just to get the feeling

Holding you closer in my arms we drift to heaven
Bringing in the morning light
And after all is said and done there’s only us
We can make it right

So, our love will carry on and on
Now our love will be free, be free.

And when we play, love don’t delay, I hear you now
For what was then, is what is now, anyhow
As I became a guest of love’s tune here again
We’ll carry on together like today.

After the first embrace from you I want you too
After the first embrace from you I want you too

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